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Reawakening Purpose

An inspirational workshop for health workers


How do you initiate conversations about caring and compassion, about the intimate connections between health professionals and patients, the spiritual elements of healthcare, and the feelings and vulnerabilities of health professionals? These are difficult subjects to raise with your colleagues.

So how do we overcome this difficulty and engage health workers in dialogue about deeper purpose?

Reawakening Purpose’ is a 60-to-90 minutes workshop using principles of appreciative inquiry to elicit stories of deep connection and caring, and to uncover the hidden strengths of the workshop participants. This re-connection to purposes liberates positive energy, dispels fear, and motivates people to strengthen caring and compassion. Participants are reminded of the values, hopes and aspirations that brought them into healthcare.

Anyone with experience of small group teaching can easily learn to facilitate the workshop.

Who is the workshop for?

International experience shows the workshop is ideal for groups of 10 to 16 health professionals, from first year graduates up to senior clinicians, either in a mixed group representing the care team, or a single professional group. It builds the bond between diverse participants, of all ages, and strengthens teamwork. The workshop is also suitable for non-clinical staff at the front line of care, such as receptionists and others with direct patient contact.

What equipment is needed?

A circle of chairs, whiteboard & pens, PowerPoint projector

What are the workshop outcomes?

story telling pairYou should expect a radically transformed energy in the participants – even if they were initially feeling cynical, tired, or heading for burnout. One Director of Nursing said, ‘All my charge nurses have had a personality transplant!’ Participants have described the workshop experience as ‘life-changing’.

Without fail, the workshop generates the most moving stories of caring and connection. Workshop participants discover unexpected personal strengths and are energized to re-focus on compassionate caring. Participants learn simple practices that can be immediately applied, to strengthen their caring, and to make a healing connection with their patients.

What resources are available to trainers?

HEARTS in HEALTHCARE has a complete workshop kitset available for free download. The resources in this kitset include:

  • A Facilitator’s Guide
  • Promotional material such as posters
  • Instructional video with a step-by-step guide to running the workshop
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A short video of Dr Robin Youngson presenting the PowerPoint slides
  • Key Points handout for workshop participants
  • A guide to the evidence underpinning this teaching (bibliography)
  • Workshop Attendees register
  • Feedback forms

Further learning resources for workshop attendees

Workshop participants will identify a number of personal practices that can help to strengthen their compassionate caring. But the reality is that soon after the workshop, people will be immersed back in the pressured work environment and it’s hard to sustain the changes in personal practices.

We encourage you to fully explore and download a wide variety of resources available on the Learning section of our website. Link here.

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'Reawakening Purpose' is a 60 to 90 minutes workshop using principles of appreciative inquiry to elicit stories of deep connection and caring.

“Compassionate healthcare is safer, more effective, satisfies patients, saves time, reduces demand, gives meaning to work and costs less.”

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