Why Brexit is amazing! Just for a moment we saw the cracks in ‘reality’

Opinion piece by Robin Youngson, Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare.

Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, foresees a time in the near future where artificial intelligence systems will simulate human consciousness. If that’s the case, he speculates, maybe all of human consciousness and reality is just an elaborate simulation run by advanced beings from another world?

If for a moment we imagined this to be true, what just happened in the Brexit ‘script’?

A simulation engineer tweaked just one number on a spreadsheet by five percent: the ratio between ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’. As a consequence our whole world fell apart. Overnight, we changed the definition of nationhood, re-wrote the UK law book, caused chaos in the world economy, knocked 10% off the value of the Sterling currency, wiped $2 trillion off world markets, and completely re-wrote the front pages of newspapers.

Coming back to our real world we discovered in the Brexit moment that our so-called concrete reality is nothing more than an elaborate construct. So much of what we held to be true changed overnight. We had our ‘Truman Show’ moment as depicted in the 1998 science fiction film. Everything in Truman Burbank’s life, although he doesn’t know it, is part of a massive TV set. Reality comes crashing through in a stunning scene where a hole is ripped in the ‘sky’ and a studio lamp falls to the ground at Truman’s feet.

In reality, Europe doesn’t actually exist at all: it’s merely an elaborate construct composed of arbitrary lines drawn on a map, combined with a set of rules. But we behave as if the map is reality. The world economy also doesn’t actually exist, it’s just a set of binary numbers stored in computers.

Brexit show us a rent in the fabric of our reality: we’re all in the ‘matrix’ and the cardinal rule was broken – just for a moment we saw the simulation for what it is.

This is a pivotal moment. This is the moment when the global elite lose their power. This is the moment when we get to re-imagine our future according to any rules we want.

That’s why Elon Musk is so powerful, he sees the simulation and realises he can create any future he wants. It’s also we why we instinctively distrust and dislike Hilary Clinton: she too knows it’s all an illusion, which she cynically manipulates to maintain power (why else would she choose as Secretary of State to store all her emails on a private email server).

Our current political/economic system is like an appalling soap opera. We know it’s the last season of this particular series: when script-writers invent characters as bizarre as Donald Trump we all begin to lose interest. Hilary Clinton, in her power suit, is no more than a female character version of the cunning and dastardly JR Ewing, from the hit series ‘Dallas’. We can’t wait for a new TV series, one that offers real characters and story-lines that represent our own best ideals, hopes and fears.

I’m not arguing this point as some kind of metaphor; for me it represents vivid reality. I’ve devoted the last two decades of my life to improving healthcare, especially trying to inspire greater humanity and compassion in the way we treat both patients and health professionals. I’ve recently come to the liberating conclusion that our existing healthcare system is fundamentally incompatible with compassion, healing and wellbeing. The ‘simulation’ rules simply don’t allow humanity and compassion to flourish. It’s a liberating realisation because now we can end futile efforts to change the system and instead devote our energies to creating a new ‘script’, one based on fundamentally different values.

Over the last ten years, inch by inch, through many painful failures, we’ve gradually started to discover new ways of working that allow our work to flourish. Looking back, I can see it was a slow process of noticing the unconscious rules that govern our assumptions about how to get things done in the world. It was a difficult process of unlearning, as elaborated in my blog, ‘Seven pitfalls for the compassion champion‘. What this process partly uncovers is the ‘script’ of our modern drama, the ‘simulation’ rules that govern our assumed world reality.

The new rules that govern our work at Hearts in Healthcare are pointing to a deeper reality, a more sacred version of the world governed by love, compassion, healing and profound inter-connection.

For example, in the current ‘script’ of the world we do business by turning natural and human gifts into commodities that are owned, controlled, bought and sold. Thus our stories and ideas become ‘intellectual property’. We started our work using conventional business transactions: quoting a fee for consulting work or speaking. Now we are moving into an alternative world reality: the ‘gift’ economy. We prefer not to quote a fee for our work, simply promising to serve our client to the best of our ability and inviting a donation in return. That shift to a new ‘script’ has unlocked extraordinary opportunities and great generosity from our clients.

In our busy lives we occasionally fall out of the ‘simulation’ and catch glimpses of this deeper reality when we become truly present: in moments of meditation, stillness, awe, compassion and selfless action.

What Brexit shows is that we don’t have to agonise for decades to solve problems like poverty, inequality, violence and climate change. We can change the rules overnight. Our first step is seeing our political/economic system for what it really is: a giant construction, no more than a script with made-up rules.

The Emperor has no clothes, this is the beginning of the end for the global elite.

(PS. Despite the title, I’m not arguing for the merits of Brexit, I think separatist movement are potentially dangerous)

14 Responses to “Why Brexit is amazing! Just for a moment we saw the cracks in ‘reality’”

  1. Ruth Cain says:

    Could it be that the discomfort engendered by the inordinate greed of the powers-that-be has rendered large segments of the public willing to see the reality of their economic and political position? Are they now aware that they are not being governed in the interest of the general good- that selling health, education incarceration and environmental degradation for profit may not be the way to go?

    • Kathy Torpie says:

      Ruth, my fear is that the divide is between two almost equally large sectors of the society (or at least of the UK) – the one you speak of that feels deprived and the other that wants just as desperately to hang on to what they have in a not very compassionate self interested way

  2. Victor says:

    I read the post and the commentaries. I don’t get it! The vote in was largely in rural poor communities by older voters. Younger and urban (London) and Scotland did NOT support Brexit. From what I read the vote was largely influenced by Xenophobia and anger over immigration. The side supporting Brexit gave false numbers such as $350 million/ week going to the EU. The number is much less. I am sorry Robin Compassion and global consciousness and inter -relatedness was not the basis of this vote. The Elite have always survived and I am afraid will come out this better than the average Joe in rural England who is pissed off and worried some foreigner is stealing his job, I know I am cynical but that is the way I see it.
    There is no them in the scenario its we/us who are the enemy.

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Victor
      I think buying the media line that leave voters were old poor & rural misses the reasons some middle aged affluent rural voters voted out. I did so for precisely the reasons Robin outlines. I want people to see how hoodwinked they/we are by the media. I haven’t seen our politicians or the media address the real issues for decades. Hopefully the veil has been rent and in the vacuum those who have left politics to the politicians or felt disenfranchised will step up and see that change can happen & now is the time to describe what we want to see our country be. I want tolerance, respect and real discussion of the best way to integrate not a PC debate that leaves real concerns unaddressed. I want responsive light touch government not cumbersome systems that crush the individuals. I know most people, even the xenophobic want their fellow humans to be safe and happy. Its not unreasonable to be unwilling to sacrifice your own joy in order to enable someone else to have theirs, its important to find a way you can both feel safe and happy I am astounded by the way our politicians have run blindly from the result & are hiding themselves in familiar infighting rather than stepping up to lead the way – I guess I shouldn’t be but for them to so blatantly shirk the job they signed up for is an eye opener. I hope this does begin to undermine the elite a remain win would have emboldened them. Yes people are stupid & too few of us think but in the absence of Plato’s philosopher king or Pratchett’s benign dictator its up to us to create the world we want to see.

    • Robin says:

      I think you rather missed the point – my blog is nothing about the politics for or against Brexit, just about the nature of reality and the possibility for change.

  3. Wendy says:

    You say “I’ve recently come to the liberating conclusion that our existing healthcare system is fundamentally incompatible with compassion, healing and wellbeing. The ‘simulation’ rules simply don’t allow humanity and compassion to flourish. It’s a liberating realisation because now we can end futile efforts to change the system and instead devote our energies to creating a new ‘script’, one based on fundamentally different values.”
    This filled me with hope because I feel the same about our education system – it is not set up to do what it purports to do, its origins lie in the Prussian model for turning out good soldiers.
    I suspect our political system is similarly flawed, after all it is based on a model thats existed for hundreds of years, its been tweaked but perhaps it to never expected to have to represent the all the people in the country its less than 100 years since all men & women could vote.

    So where do we discuss this new script? I can’t see the mainstream media opening the debate. They seem to have retreated into the usual Westminster bubble as if that is everything when as you say the country doesn’t feel that world is relevant and is looking for something new.
    I do fear that in the vacuum of mainstream politics opportunist far right & reactionary interests will gain momentum unless we can get a debate around credible alternatives underway.
    Generally people don’t care about politics unless it impacts them. Few of us want to read treaties and listen to political debates. I want political discussion, the exchange of ideas and an exploration of what people want and what an ideal political set up might look like and what steps could be taken from where we are to where we want to be.
    My goal would be a world without need of government because people would behave towards one another with respect & tolerance and generally in line with the highest ideals of human nature. I recognise we are nowhere near that so we need interim steps. Governments are needed to ensure clean air & water. They need to have a system for resolving disputes between people both locally & further afield. I think a strong argument can be made for them ensuring shelter & healthcare is available to everyone. Defence is another issue that would need to be resolved because threats do exist but training people to kill & encouraging them to die for a small area on a map isn’t good for the individuals involved as can be seen by the issues faced by many veterans.
    I like the link to the Charter for Compassion & I shall be following that up. Thank you for giving me hope I am not alone in seeing more possibilities than are currently on the table. Lets hope we can get a discussion going.

  4. flow says:

    “A simulation engineer tweaked just one number on a spreadsheet by five percent: the ratio between ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’.”

    The real question is, who is the engineer, and how do we get hold of them?

  5. Michael Seyfried says:

    By standing up for sovereign rights the British people have placed a thorn in the side of globalism and New World Order.

    Just when the world was starting to accept the idea that a United Europe, plaged by centuries of tribal and nationalistic warfare, a fly in the ointment, in walked a horde of refugees along with all the problems that brings with it.

    Not only refugees, but people incapable of or unwilling to adapt to the culture of a European worldview.

    I suspect that the dream of a United Europe is soon to disintegrate under the weight of global warfare and poverty. Islamic Jihad will continue to escalate and spread across Europe and the globe.

    Brexit is not a thing, an event as much as it is a symptom of a society trapped in its own social orthodoxy.

    Brexit was in the long run, inevitable as is the eventual collapse of the E.U. under the weight of global upheaval.

    Everyone thinks the system is great and fair until they one day find themselves on the outside looking in.

    All society will begin to face more and more violent social upheaval as the geopolitical scene deteriorates.

    Brexit is just the boil which heralds the cancerous infection. To be able to see the smoke and mirrors of the global economy is useless unless you have a way to reinvent the markets and create a new paradigm fair to all and not just the social elite.

    How do you do that? Ah, that is the rub.

  6. Kathy Torpie says:

    For me, Brexit is a reassurance that the democracy actually works. I had lost faith that the democratic process could actually stand up against big money.

    Brexit is a serious challenge to “globalization” in which powerful cartels, driven by profit, control regional wealth and ultimately aspire to control global wealth. I don’t think of it as a separatist movement. Think of glabalization as a “corporate merger” where national boarders, national identity, and national sovereignty are all sacrificed to the “holding company”. And, just like in the bullying tactics of many corporate takeovers, the holdouts that can’t compete with the dominant power are threatened with devastating consequences for refusing to sacrifice their independence.

    No doubt the UK will be made to suffer for leaving the EU. The global economy, in seeking a sense of certainty through centralized control, will also suffer. I respect those who voted against subordinating their British identity to a European identity based on economics. And my heart goes out to them. I was in Greece when the European Commission bullied them into staying after the vast majority had voted to be self determining in how they paid back their debt. As a world power, Great Britian is not so easy to bully. But they will be made to suffer, I’m sure.

    I’d love to believe that Brexit has changed the economic reality of a move toward centralized control of the global economy, but the system is bigger and stronger than the UK. Remember, in the story of “The Emperor’s New Robe”, how the crowd responded to the one person who dared to say out loud that the emperor was actually naked?

    • Clive says:

      All the EU was doing was playing the same game as Britain has always played, the game Britain started. The thing was British people don’t like being told what to do. And yet Westminster it’s self keeps the population under pressure, fearful, and reactionary. Led by an extremely dumbed down and manipulative media. Many saw the possibilities inherent in European countries coming together, the dissolution of borders, and people of diverse cultures working together for the common good. That is the only way things will get better. That is what this article is about, an expansion of consiousness, to be able to see what is really real, beyond artificial institutions, and the institutions of our minds.

  7. Bud Wilson says:

    Robin, Thank you for revealing the ultimate reality that there are no frames and no boundaries that separate us (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y7O_9WB3ZU )and that a “Nationstate Mentality” is an artificial construct! Hooray for sharing that insight. The elite who depend upon money, power and manipulation of the matrix to maintain their tight grip on humanity and Nature may be disintegrating … and that is terrifying for them. I’m further delighted to appreciate that you see separation and separatist movements as dangerous and counter productive to our realization of the unified field and our commonality of purpose to co-create a world that works for all beings, everything human and non-human.

  8. Zen Benefiel says:

    Some of us have been watching the ‘scene’ for years, understanding the delicate and permeable fabric of reality. Scores of activists and authors have shared their perspectives about the ‘matrix’ and how average citizens can have a profound influence on the outcomes. The Occupy Movement showed a general disgust about how things are, but really offered no solutions. Bernie seems to have taken that movement to a new level, but the organizational capacity still isn’t capable of changing a country… yet.

    Perhaps it is the way we look at things. Like the God Particle… we are to think of it’s proof as being the remnants of a decaying and unseen particle projected to exist by ‘observations’ of the results of ramming two protons together at near light-speed. No one has even suggested it could have been a rip in the fabric between dimensions, proving M-Theory, and revealing how small minded our science is still.

    Small mindedness compels the status quo to remain intact, no room for change. The massive influx of data and information over the last few decades blows apart the small minded and makes change inevitable, however uncomfortable the exposure and extrapolation of prior patterns becomes. Creating a movement to rally people, places and things toward a new way is imperative – considerate of harmony innate to the underlying ‘system’ of/in consciousness. It’s there, we just have to stop, look and listen.

  9. Chris West says:

    Thanks so much for this Robin. It blew me away. Says what I know to be true but have to be reminded of daily. Like you say, it is easy to lose sight of this when you are trying to work compassionately within a broken system. I feared Brexit but I knew it would happen because it had to ….in order to expose the lie. Now is our time…we need courage to take the leap forward but if we trust then new and undreamt of opportunities will unfold. Love you guys xxx

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