What if social and environmental activists are defeating their own cause?

Too often we attempt to build a better world by unconsciously using the values and assumptions that are the root cause of our societal problems! Can we learn from our mistakes?

When we declare the moral righteousness of our position, we judge others and stand apart. When we try to persuade, we create resistance. When we proclaim ourselves experts, we call others ignorant. When we turn our gifts and talents into business products, we separate buyer and seller. When we fight against what is wrong, we draw up the battle lines.

Every action that separates us defeats our purpose of building a better world. But every action that connects us has the power to transform.”

Learn how Hearts in Healthcare found eventual success by overturning the strategies commonly used by social and environmental activists. If you want to build a better world, learn from our mistakes and be inspired by the possibility of leading change without creating resistance.

Watch Robin Youngson’s inspiring TEDx talk, ‘Perfectly broken and ready to heal

One Response to “What if social and environmental activists are defeating their own cause?”

  1. Lesley says:

    A wonderful talk – very inspiring. Thank you!

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”