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The great slide give-away!

At Hearts in Healthcare we want to recruit a thousand speakers and presenters spreading the word about compassionate healthcare, all around the world.

To help you in that task, co-founder Robin Youngson is giving away his entire slide collection for you to use in your own presentation! Add your own title and logo, choose slides from the huge collection, feature your own stories and images, and inspire the audience with your own knowledge, insight and compassion.

This is an amazing treasure trove. The slide collection represents ten years of researching the scientific evidence, collecting inspiring stories and knowledge from health professionals in fifteen countries, sourcing hundreds of beautiful images and putting it all together for a compelling presentation. Every slide has extensive notes and the scientific references for an evidence-based presentation.

Simple guidance on designing your own slides and making a compelling presentation

YouTube screenshotRobin has made a ten-minute video with simple advice on where to find free images, how to design your own slides for maximum impact, and how to fully engage your audience. Watch the video on YouTube here.

We want this to be YOUR presentation tapping into your own authentic stories and insights, not trying to emulate any of Robin’s presentations. The slides in each collection are not in any particular order. We suggest you pick and choose slides from different collections and put them together with your own slides to create a unique narrative to suit each audience. Because the slides are about compassion, caring and humanity you will find they are relevant and interesting to any audience, in any culture.

Access all the resources here.

One Response to “The great slide give-away!”

  1. Ella de Jong says:

    This is so valuable! So interesting!
    I’m just a small person living in The Netherlands with a huge mission regarding ‘energizing communication’ . Your mission lies so close to my heart …

    Keep up the good work!
    smile, Ella

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