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A new book: ‘The Mindful Nurse’

Learning how to cultivate self-compassion – an article by Mary O’Connor in the Galway Advertiser, October 20th, 2016, reviewing Carmel Sheridan’s new book. Mention compassion and what words spring to

Self Care

Resilient Practice.

In our travels in the USA, Hearts in Healthcare met inspiring healthcare leaders from the University of Virginia, including Dorrie K. Fontaine, the Dean of the School of Nursing. Here


Seminar: Enhancing Care Through Mindful Awareness, Compassion and Healing Presence.

Enhancing Care Through Mindful Awareness, Compassion, and Healing Presence: A Seminar for Healthcare Practitioners June 17-22, 2014 – Umbria, Italy With Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey Founders, Wisdom at Work, Faculty


World-class program teaches physicians and staff the skills of compassionate connection

When you’ve been a physician for nearly thirty years, it’s easy to get cynical about Continuing Professional Development (CPD). When is the last time you learned something at a conference

Self Care

How to teach mindfulness, compassionate mind, and psychological flexibility in four hours

This awesome, eight-week programme was taught to busy health professionals in eight weekly 30-minute sessions. We really admired the “one-minute concepts” – such as the ‘attention-distraction-mindfulness’ graph of being distracted


Analytical thought suppresses empathy

Ever wondered how some doctors could be so lacking in empathy? New research shows that our brains cycle between different pathways and that analytical thought and empathy can’t occur simultaneously.

Brain Science

8 hours meditation changes your gene expression

Most people believe that their genetic inheritance is a ‘blueprint’ that determines their lifetime risk of pathologies like coronary artery disease and breast cancer. Commercial companies are cashing in on

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”