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When will doctors be allowed to grieve?

“Five years since qualification, I have learned that if I truly felt the sadness and enormity of the things that passed through my hands, I would drown. It needs to


Cynical about compassion.

Roy Lilley, in his  25th March newsletter at wrote, “I’ve been thinking about it.  Ruminating, cogitating and turning it over in my mind.  I’m not sure I should be saying this

Brain Science

Stress impairs empathy in men but does the opposite for women.

A colleague working in medical education showed me a fascinating graph – his observations about the trend in ‘interpersonal competence’ over time as medical students went through undergraduate training and


World-class program teaches physicians and staff the skills of compassionate connection

When you’ve been a physician for nearly thirty years, it’s easy to get cynical about Continuing Professional Development (CPD). When is the last time you learned something at a conference


Ten simple rules….

Even as a doctor I still feel intimidated in a strange hospital, like a traveller lost in a foreign land. So imagine how small our patients feel when we strip


Compassion meditation boosts neural basis for empathy

Compassion can’t be taught directly but the skills that underlie compassion can be developed with practice. This intriguing randomised-controlled study showed that even adults with no experience of meditation could


Low-empathy doctors linked to excess hospital admissions

Patients who are treated with empathy and compassion trust their doctors, are more likely to follow advice, take their medication, adopt healthy lifestyle changes, and feel empowered to manage their


Actors help doctors learn empathy

Just because we feel empathy doesn’t mean we know how to express it.  More medical personnel are being trained in the expression of their emotions. Our friends at the Charter


Analytical thought suppresses empathy

Ever wondered how some doctors could be so lacking in empathy? New research shows that our brains cycle between different pathways and that analytical thought and empathy can’t occur simultaneously.

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”