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Practising compassion in an uncompassionate health system

We are not helpless victims of the system, write Hearts in Healthcare co-founder, Robin Youngson. “We just don’t have time to care!” is the heartfelt protest of health workers in every country



Can you imagine the terror of managing a sudden, complex and life-threatening emergency when your actions in the next few minutes determine life or death? The film ‘Sully’ gives us

Self Care

New ‘Compassionate Resilience’ workshop offered in Australia and NZ

Feeling overwhelmed, losing the joy in your work, stressed out, heading for burnout? This workshop is for you. We invite you to attend a day of renewal, reconnection and healing.


Do nurses who dehumanise their patients have less stress?

Here’s a disturbing study from Italy suggesting that dedicated nurses who dehumanise their patients and themselves suffer less stress. That’s contrary to our belief that practising with compassion can protect


I’ve got your back!

Research shows that many new nurse graduates have their ideals compromised and crushed within two years of starting work. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bellarmine University in


Work-family conflict causing burnout? No, it’s the work environment.

Dad works full time and does lots of overtime. Mum’s a nurse, juggling shifts and childcare. Too familiar a story in modern times. But is it the dual burden that


“Code Lavender”: Call the emotional support team!

Here’s a great article and video in the Huffington Post about a hospital that give a high priority to emotional support for health professionals: Hospitals have procedures and alerts in place

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”