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Stepping up: Time for new leaders in compassionate healthcare

It’s your turn to become a leader in compassionate healthcare.

At Hearts in Healthcare we receive frequent requests to make presentations and to run workshops in healthcare workplaces. However,  have a better idea: step up into this role yourself. It’s time for new leaders.

Here’s what you can easily do, supported by our free resources:

Become a presenter and speaker on compassionate care.

Robin Youngson is giving away his entire slide collection of 120 slides. Every slide has extensive speaker’s notes and scientific references. You can adapt the slides, add your logo, your own stories and your own insights. We need to spread the scientific knowledge of compassionate caring and it’s your turn to be on the stage.


Run your own workshops

We share detailed guidance on running your own workshops using appreciative inquiry. There is a comprehensive and free kitset of resources, including a step-by-step video guide.


Share articles to inspire and challenge your followers

Whether it’s the challenge of practising compassion in an uncompassionate health system, or addressing the culture of medicine, or letting people know about the science of compassionate caring, we have popular articles for you to share, or to use as the basis of workplace discussions. See the best of them here.


Become a teacher in compassionate caring

While you can’t directly teach compassion, you can role-model and teach what compassionate practitioners do. You can find inspiration in our many articles and YouTube videos.


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