Seminar: Self-Care for Health Professionals – Shauna Shapiro and Rachel Remen

Here’s a wonderful one-day seminar hosted by  Greater Good at Berkeley: The Science of a Meaningful Life: Self-Care for Health Professionals, April 4th 2014.

This day-long seminar will offer valuable psychological tools to health professionals and others confronting stress, apathy, and burnout in their work. It will feature two of the world’s leading experts on the social and emotional dimensions to the helping professions, Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D., and Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. Both Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Remen will provide insight into the challenges facing health professionals today and offer a compassionate, practical approach to addressing these challenges.

Please follow the link to register for this event. For those not able to attend in person, the seminar is also available as a webcast.

Like us at Hearts in Healthcare, the presenters believe that the secret to fulfilling practice and enhanced wellbeing is reconnecting to the heart of practice. Attendees at this seminar might like to see our guidance and resources for self-directed learning.

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