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Reawakening Purpose – Kitset of resources for facilitators

We invite you to download and freely share these resources – everything you need to facilitate a Reawakening Purpose workshop in your own workplace. We have used this workshop with over 1,000 health workers in four countries, from undergraduate students to senior physicians and health executives. Uni-professional and mixed groups both work well.

The workshop is most effective in small groups of 10 to 15 people although we have successfully done it with 60 young doctors in one circle, and the process can be adapted for use with a larger conference audience.

For small group work, you can complete the workshop in 60 minutes with up to 10 participants but you will need 90 minutes for 15-20 people – you need more time to share stories, complete the group dialogue, and do a closing round.

RP Bibliography

RP Evaluation Form

RP Facilitators Manual

RP Register of Attendees

RP Workshop Flyer

Compassionate Care Key Points Handout

Compassion Infographic including references

RP Workshop Poster (Word document, which you can customise)

RP Powerpoint Slides (File size 7.2MB)

There are two video files for you to use. Because of the large file size, these videos are hosted on Vimeo but you can download the files from that site. The first video is a step-by-step guide to facilitating the workshop. The second video can be shown to workshop participants as an introduction to compassion in healthcare. Robin Youngson presents the same PowerPoint slides that you can download from this page.

Both videos are password protected. The password is: reawakening

Step-by-step video guide to facilitating the reawakening purpose workshop

Introductory PowerPoint presentation about compassion in healthcare, presented by Robin Youngson



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