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‘ACT with Compassion’ coaching cards

‘ACT with Compassion’ coaching cards

These cards are designed to be used in conjunction with the short film, "ACT with compassion".

The back of the card includes simple instructions:

Appreciate: Every day, bring to work a personal intention to notice and appreciate small acts of kindness, caring and compassion – they are all around you! When you witness these acts, commend your colleagues.

Commend: Say you noticed something your colleague did, that you really appreciate. Describe the specific action (the act of kindness) and name the positive effect it created. Recommend that your colleague keeps doing this.

Teach: Suggest to your colleagues that they use this simple model – appreciate, commend – to give positive feedback to others.

Research shows that noticing and appreciating acts of kindness provides a powerful boost to our own positivity and wellbeing. Help spread this in the workplace. For more information, please visit

The cards are standard business size, printed on premium gloss card for durability, and come supplied in packs of 50 cards. Price is in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$).

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