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New ‘Compassionate Resilience’ workshop offered in Australia and NZ

Feeling overwhelmed, losing the joy in your work, stressed out, heading for burnout? This workshop is for you. We invite you to attend a day of renewal, reconnection and healing.

Hearts in Healthcare has a new one-day ‘Compassionate Resilience’ workshop for health professionals, therapists, healers and students, initially offered in NSW, Australia. We’re expanding the Hearts in Healthcare team to add experienced facilitators and educators and hope to offer this workshop in multiple locations in the future.

For details of the workshop, click here.

A recent survey of the mental health of Australian doctors and medical students (report from Beyond Blue) showed that one-in-two doctors and students under 30 are burning out. Similar research shows high rates of burnout for all health professions.

Too often we adopt a ‘hero’ role, battling on in the face of overwhelming demands, ignoring our feelings as we witness patients’ pain and suffering. But this ‘detached’ form of coping can lead to emotional exhaustion, cynicism, de-personalisation and a loss of meaning. In contrast, ‘compassionate resilience’ draws on the strengths of your heart, soul and intuition as a compassionate healer.

In this workshop, join with others as you…

  • Reconnect to your identity as a compassionate healer
  • Renew your values, hopes and ideals
  • Learn how self-compassion and self-care serve others
  • Uncover your hidden strengths
  • Learn the latest science of compassionate caring
  • Discover the daily practices that build your positivity, resilience, and capacity for compassionate care

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