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Using Positive Psychology to catalyse change

Health professionals are trained in problem identification and risk management. While it’s important for keeping patients safe, it’s a thinking style that gets in the way of improvement efforts because people naturally focus on problems, rather than solutions. Pretty soon, each group is blaming the other!

At Hearts in Healthcare we design workshops using the principles of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry to bring out the best in people. We believe the knowledge, skills, inspiration and courage to tackle difficult problems are already in the room.

workshop participantsCompassion can’t be taught – but it can be caught! We offer experiential learning for workshop participants that inspires them to reflect on their own innate capacities, develop skills, and try out new simple practices. The results are self-sustaining – and contagious.

We have facilitated our foundational ‘Reawakening Purpose‘ workshop with more than a thousand health workers in the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. We can bring this workshop to your workplace or offer you the support and resources to lead it yourself.


Further details of our workshops are given below.

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“Robin has ignited an organizational push at KentuckyOne Health to reignite the fire of compassion among our team and to foster a culture that supports authentic caring for ourselves and our patients”
Alice, Health Administrator, USA

Reawakening Purpose

An inspirational workshop for health workers

Introduction. How do you initiate conversations about caring and compassion, about the intimate connections between health professionals and patients, the spiritual elements of healthcare, and the feelings and vulnerabilities of