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TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job

In today’s beleaguered healthcare system, burdened with epidemic levels of stress, depression and burnout, TIME to CARE  offers health professionals the opportunity of renewal. Here are the secrets to building a happy and fulfilling practice, wellbeing and resilience.

Youngson bravely relates his own transition, from detached clinician to a champion for humane whole-patient care; at ties poignant, sometimes funny but always brutally honest.

TIME to CARE offers a deeply compassionate and insightful account of a health system that is failing both patients and practitioners all over the world. But there’s more….

Drawing on advances in neuroscience and positive psychology, and tapping into the power of appreciative inquiry, Youngson conveys in clear and simple language how health workers can strengthen their hearts, learn the skills of compassionate caring, and rise above institutional limitations to transform patient care – and rediscover their vocation.

Widely read by the general public as well as health professionals, TIME to CARE is also recommended reading for students, health leaders, patients and all those passionate about rehumanising healthcare.

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Time To Care: Chapter 1

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What People Say
about "Time to Care"
  • Every health care professional should read this book, and then store it close by, because it is one of those rare books that you may want to refer to for inspiration and connection to the millions of health care workers around the world who want to make a difference.

    - Margaret Plews-Ogan, MD

  • Reading ‘Time to Care’ was almost like giving me the confidence in believing what was right. I always wanted to be compassionate and provide the health care but I didn’t know how to go about, or how to express my feeling. Yes! There is another person feeling like that too, it’s an OK feeling, a right feeling!

    - Dr Anju Yogakumar

  • This is a book that cuts across boundaries and is truly international – the reader cannot fail to be touched by the moving stories and inspired by the credible and well researched vision for a consistently compassionate and open hearted medical system.

    - Andy Bradley, Frameworks 4 Change



    Time To Care is refreshingly life affirming and utterly compelling. Robin Youngson is an exceptional leader and this book is an exceptional read.

    - Professor Aidan Halligan




    Brilliant, timely, compelling, absorbing, and concretely helpful!

    - Wendy Leebov, Founding Partner, Language of Caring PLC



    This is a book you cannot put down. The style of writing is so easy and engaging you are just carried along, effortlessly.  A must-read for all medical students and healthcare professionals.

    - Caitya

  • I find Time to Care to be a wonderful source of inspiration—a source to help me be more courageous in my stand for the importance of compassion and human connection. This book is destined to become a classic.

    - Mary Koloroutis, author of ‘ See Me as a Person: Creating therapeutic relationships with patients and their families’.

  • Dr. Robin Youngson’s visionary understanding of these problems, his unique courage to speak out on these most difficult and professionally unpopular issues offer all of us a deep breath of fresh air and new insight into hopeful possibilities for a positive health and a thriving population.

    - Marsha W Snyder, MD


    As a patient advocate, TIME to CARE showed me many new ways to engage positively with health professionals and bring out their best.

    - Mitzi Blennerhassett, author of `Nothing Personal, disturbing undercurrents in cancer care'

  • This eminently readable synthesis, pregnant with new, exciting and optimistic insights is the perfect prescription for today’s healthcare crisis. A must read for professionals and patients perplexed with the current state of medical care.

    - Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief



    Time to Care is a must read for clinicians who care about their own health as well as their patients. I just finished reading the book and I could not put it down.

    - Leslie Farrington, MD



    I found the book ‘Time to Care’ by Robin Youngson to be fascinating, intriguing and enlightening. I have read the book from cover to cover twice since I received it, I just couldn’t put it down.

    - Catherine Lothian, Clinical Nurse Educator





    If ever our profession needed this book – the time is now!

    - Dr Patch Adams



    As I read TIME to CARE I became excited, very excited. I was learning things I didn’t know: important new lessons for me as a leader.

    - Jim Conway, Adjunct Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health





    My book of the week: TIME TO CARE by Robin Youngson. Great passionate book, and practical.

    - Sir Muir Gray


    TIME TO CARE offers the choice of personal renewal, many practical ways to embody change in both individuals and organizations, and a real sense of hope for a brighter future.

    - John Kearsley, Professor of Medicine


    TIME to CARE is a fabulous book that provides the blue print for a model of true health care that serves not only the patients but also the good-hearted health professionals who dedicate their lives in their service.

    - Petrea King, Founder and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation


    At the critical interface between patient and health professionals TIME to CARE offers some extremely constructive ways of salvaging care in current frenetic health service environments.

    - Professor Jenny Carryer, New Zealand College of Nurses



    This is the most gripping, deeply poignant and relevant book that I have read for many years. If you just read one book this year – make it this one.

    - Dr Alys Cole-King, Connecting with People


    Well researched, beautifully written and deeply inspiring this is one book I would recommend all clinicians to read at the beginning of their careers and constantly revisit many times throughout.

    - Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE, Author of “The Compassionate Mind”