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The secret of joyous practice

Even in the most stressed healthcare institutions, there are some individuals who come to work each day with a smile. They have a bubble of calm and stillness around them. They always find time to make a connection and to care with kindness and compassion. They seem immune to the things that irritate and frustrate all the rest of us. And they go home at the end of the day, still with a smile, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Wouldn’t you like to know their secret?

These happy workers are very deliberate in adopting simple daily practices. They look for opportunities for small act of kindness; they express appreciation and gratitude often; they choose to focus on the privilege of their work; they practice self-compassion; and they learn the skills of mindfulness.


What we have learned from experience is that the two spirals – downwards into burnout and upwards into flourishing – are separated by a tiny gap. We have seen health professionals transform themselves by adopting just a single new daily practice, such as small acts of kindness. The intrinsic satisfaction of these acts, the renewed connection to patients, and the positive reinforcement quickly lift people into an irreversible cycle of positive change.

The longest journey we will ever make, is from the head to the heart. Which way of being will you choose today?

{ You don't need permission from anybody to adopt these practices }

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