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Restorative Learning Opportunities

For Individuals and Institutions


Every health worker begins with a desire to alleviate suffering and to help patients recover from illness and injury. The capacity for compassion is innate.

Within the dynamics of professional relationships, both individuals and institutions undergo cycles of change, which can be powerfully self-reinforcing. At this time of crisis in healthcare, many people and organizations are spiraling down into stress and disillusionment. But an equally powerful upwards spiral of compassion, caring, positivity and resilience is within easy reach. Which way of being will you choose?

We invite you to begin a self directed journey of development or learn with us in a supported environment.

{ It is our purpose to do tiny things with great love and support others to do the same }

Self Directed Learning

We have seen health professionals transform themselves by adopting just a single new daily practice, such as small acts of kindness. The intrinsic satisfaction of these acts, the renewed connection to patients, and the positive reinforcement quickly lift people into an irreversible cycle of positive change.

{ working with small groups of individuals to liberate compassionate ways of being }

Supported Learning

We offer facilitation and consulting services to help institutions and individuals put compassionate care at the heart of provider-patient relationships.

Keynote Speaking

Dr Robin Youngson

Dr Robin Youngson, the CoFounder of Hearts in Healthcare, is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and pioneer in the subject of compassion in healthcare. He’s captivated audiences in the USA, Canada, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.

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“His emotive talk on the difference made by compassion to ourselves, and compassion to others, left all delegates deeply moved and clamoring to get a copy of his book “Time to Care”.
– ‘GP Australia’ reporting on the 2013 Prevocational Medical Education Forum



At Hearts in Healthcare we design workshops using the principles of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry to bring out the best in people. We believe the knowledge, skills, inspiration and courage to tackle difficult problems are already in the room.

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Our Current Workshops:

Reawakening Purpose


Robin & Meredith Youngson

Robin and Meredith Youngson offer consulting services to healthcare and community organisations internationally, with experience in the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. We share leadership strategies for organisational flourishing and how to strengthen caring, compassion and health professional wellbeing. Our purpose is to grow your own capacity and we offer ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions and learning resources.

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Please make enquiry. Our schedule is very full and we regret we have to turn down many invitation.