Inspiring new book by Dr Amy Coleman


One of the blessings of our Hearts in Healthcare work is that we get to meet the most inspiring and loving nurses, therapists, doctors and midwives anywhere in the world. If you want to know how to provide truly compassionate and healing care, please read this wonderful new book by Dr Amy Coleman, ‘Discovering your own doctor within‘. This book will inspire all health professionals and patients alike.

I have just joyfully read her book, cover-to-cover, for the second time. I feel blessed. This is the Amazon review I posted after my first reading,

Truly astonishing! I downloaded and read Dr Amy Coleman’s book in one sitting and then immediately wanted to read it all over again! I wish Dr Coleman was my doctor. As a physician, I have spent ten years traveling all around the world promoting compassion and humanity in healthcare and I wrote my own successful book. I have never met anyone remotely like Dr Coleman. She is an angel. If you want to know what real medicine is, read her compelling stories of encounters with her patients. She brings deep faith, compassion and astonishing wisdom in a mind-body-spirit connection that transforms patients in front of her eyes. What I learned will change my practice forever. In a world full of violence and despair, Dr Coleman is a shining beacon of light. I am moved to tears. Whether you are a doctor or a patient, buy this book now, it will change you.

Dr Robin Youngson, author of ‘TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job’ and the Co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare.”

Amy’s book is available on Amazon, as a paperback, Kindle or Audio Book.

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