Did Hearts in Healthcare give you a helping hand?

A survey request from Robin Youngson, Hearts in Healthcare CoFounder.

From time to time, we receive email messages or Facebook posts from members and supporters to let us know just how much Hearts in Healthcare made a difference.

Some people write that they were ready to quit a career in healthcare, experiencing burnout and despair, and then found inspiration and recommitment through something from Hearts in Healthcare.

Others write to let us know that they have been using our material in teaching, workshops or professional development – like a Care Coordinator in Australia who has taken 450 clinicians through programs.

Because we give so much of our material away – without copyright – we rarely get to know how it’s being used or if it made a difference in peoples’ lives. We’d really like to know what you valued most, and how it made a difference. These stories can help inspire others and it gives us a guide for where to put our energy and efforts. Included in the resources we offer are:

Please give us some feedback and share your stories via the Form below. We’ll collate the responses and share a report with our members and supporters.

Perhaps you might also consider sharing elements of your story to our FaceBook Group, Compassionate Healthcare Incubator? To help you do this, after you have submitted your survey we will send you an email confirming your submission, complete with all your text. We believe the personal stories of change could inspire some great comments and sharing 🙂

Helping hand

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