#HelloMyNameIs Dr Kate Granger

Dr Kate Granger is famous for launching the widely successful ‘#HelloMyNameIs’ campaign in the UK’s National Health Service, encouraging doctors, nurses and all hospital staff to introduce themselves to patients. We honour her contribution as a ‘Compassion Hero’.

Today we heard the sad news that Dr Kate Granger, the courageous campaigner for compassionate healthcare, has finally succumbed to the cancer she fought for five years. Writing of her experiences as she battled a rare and aggressive form of the disease, she captivated the world with her vivid accounts of her suffering and what it’s like to be a patient.

Foregoing chemotherapy to continue her work as a consultant geriatrician, she used the last years of her life not only to care for her own patients but to campaign across the nation with her husband Chris, visiting health trusts to launch ‘#HelloMyNameIs’ which encouraged health professionals to introduce themselves to patients. More than 400,000 health workers supported the campaign and she won widespread recognition and national honours including an MBE in 2015. A few days before she died, she announced on Twitter that her fundraising campaign for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre had reached its £250,000 target.

In tribute her husband Chris Pointing said,

Her main passion in life was compassionate care for others, her passion was healthcare, and she always said the little things really matter.”

In the week before her death, she also received a handwritten letter of thanks from the new Prime Minister, Theresa May acknowledging her ‘immense contribution to the NHS‘.

Loved and admired across the whole nation, Kate also accomplished many of her personal goals in a short life. She passed away in St Gemma’s hospice in Leeds yesterday, at the age of 34.

Arohanui – much love from admirers in New Zealand.

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