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Hearts in Healthcare goes ‘mobile’

With the relaunch of the Hearts in Healthcare online community, we’re taking our network mobile with two new ‘apps’.

60% of web viewing is now done on mobile devices and, as screen sizes get bigger, we’re taking advantage of that trend to offer our members two new offerings…

Mobile ‘app’ for our online members’ community

The BuddyPress platform for our online community is specially designed to run on mobile devices, much like an app. But you don’t have to download an app, just add a Hearts in Healthcare icon to the Homescreen on your smartphone for immediate access.

For iPhone users, just open the community site on Safari: http://heartsinhealthcare/community

1. Then tap the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the screen

2. Then tap ‘Add to Home Screen’

3. Then tap ‘Add’ at the top of the page

click to add icon










For Android users, just open the community site on Chrome: https://heartsinhealthcare.com/community

1. Tap the Menu button

2. Then tap ‘Add to homescreen’

Android screenshot









When you logon to the community site on your smartphone, just make sure you save the password and then you can have instant access from the icon on your Homescreen.

 ‘Compassion Rebel’ app on Coach.me

Are you willing to go the extra mile for your patients? Bend the rules to provide the compassionate care your patients deserve? Challenge the existing workplace culture? Then the ‘Compassion Rebel’ app on Coach.me could be just what you need!

Just download the free Coach.me app on your phone (iPhone or Android). Open the app then on the Home page click the “+” to add a new plan and type “rebel” in the Search box. Find and join the ‘Compassion Rebel’ challenge.

Each day for 15 days you’ll be prompted to follow a new practice.

Join the online ‘Compassion Rebel’ community, post updates, get support, pose questions and share stories.

compassion rebel 600px











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