Free Physician Communication Skills Training.

Still relying on the same paternalistic, physician-directed patient communication skills you learned years ago in Medical School? You know, where the physician is in charge, does most of the talking and makes all the decisions… and the patient assumes the traditional “passive sick role.”

Why?  Because physicians until recently were never taught in medical school how to engage in patient-centered conversations with people about their health motivations, fears and expectations, their illness perspective, their emotional state, shared decision-making and so on.

Adopt One! Challenge aim to rectify that situation. They offer free training to physicians in solo or small-group practices. The service they offer is truly remarkable: Make an audio recording of your patient consultations and send the file to Adopt One! Challenge. This is what you will receive in return:

A Comprehensive Assessment Of Your Patient Communication Skills

This baseline assessment evaluates 12 dimensions of physician-patient communications and 30+ patient communication skills

Patient Communications Skills Benchmarking

An analysis of how your patient communication skills compare to “best practices” and other physicians in their group or network

Personalized Report

A summary of findings, implications for your practice, and recommendations for skills remediation

Online Skills Development & Training

12-month access to an online, interactive communications skills training and development resources which physicians can access when they want.

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