Employees who feel loved at work perform better and enhance patient outcomes

Just published in the Harvard Business Review is a longitudinal study exploring the correlation between a compassionate work culture and outcomes for both employees and patients in long-term residential care.

A loving work culture was correlated with higher employee satisfaction, enhanced teamwork and less absenteeism. In the units which showed this positive culture, patients reported better mood, enhanced quality of life, higher satisfaction with care, and they had fewer visits to the Emergency Room.

“Love” is a not word you often hear uttered in office hallways or conference rooms. And yet, it has a strong influence on workplace outcomes. The more love co-workers feel at work, the more engaged they are. (Note: Here we’re talking about “companionate love” which is far less intense than romantic love. Companionate love is based on warmth, affection, and connection rather than passion). It may not be surprising that those who perceive greater affection and caring from their colleagues perform better, but few managers focus on building an emotional culture. That’s a mistake.

In our longitudinal study, ”What’s Love Got to Do With It?: The Influence of a Culture of Companionate Love in the Long-term Care Setting” (forthcoming in Administrative Science Quarterly), surveyed 185 employees, 108 patients, and 42 patient family members at two points in time, 16 months apart, at a large, nonprofit long-term healthcare facility and hospital in the Northeast. Using multiple raters and multiple methods, we explored the influence that emotional culture has on employee, patient, and family outcomes. What we learned demonstrates how important emotional culture is when it comes to employee and client well-being and performance.

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  1. Briony says:

    This is so important! People really disassociate love and work but love can really be brought to every single aspect of life if we are mindful and creative! I love this movement!

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