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Hearts in Healthcare goes ‘mobile’

With the relaunch of the Hearts in Healthcare online community, we’re taking our network mobile with two new ‘apps’. 60% of web viewing is now done on mobile devices and, as screen

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Free new App aids patient-centered consultations

A colleague from ‘Compassion for Care’ in the Netherlands is offering a free app to Hearts in Healthcare members. The MedIntw App is a practical aid for the medical student/intern, specialist-in-training or physician who

Self Care

“ATTENTION DOCTORS: You do NOT need resiliency training!”

A thought-provoking blog from Pamela Wible, MD. Here’s the latest medical fad: Physician resiliency training. Huh? Doctors are already the most resilient people on the planet. Doctors can go days


Your chance to tell us…

Imagine that your colleague had by chance seen the same inspiring video, or read the same story, or seen a presentation that really moved you. Perhaps it was something that


Crowd-funding success is not about the money!

Yes, the City of Louisville raised nearly $20,000 in just 30 days, to support the visit by Robin and Meredith Youngson of Hearts in Healthcare and to enable the city’s journey towards more


Worth a second look – a story that’s changing care around the world

This is the second edition of “Losing Face” by Kathy Torpie. The difference now is that Kathy’s story went ‘viral’ on a 4-minute Hearts in Healthcare video that’s been viewed over


Can we crowdfund a strategy for compassionate healthcare?

We thought compassion would flourish in healthcare when a growing number of organisations made a commitment to that human value, including health care providers, medical schools, insurers, regulators and professional associations. While

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Compassion cannot flourish when healthcare is a commodity

Opinion by Robin Youngson Why is technology the dominant force in healthcare and not human caring? Why is it so difficult to create a humane and compassionate workplace? Why do we


Humiliation, humbleness and compassion

A personal story from Robin Youngson As a physician I have always been proud of my excellent health. With my 60th birthday looming, I was perfectly fit, strong and healthy. No

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The tide of compassion is rising!

Here’s a good news story to help end your year on a positive note 🙂 Did you know that a mayor of an American city just won a landslide election victory


Compassion Hero – Dr Gabriel Heras

Intensive Care Specialist, Dr Gabriel Heras, has won the Best Health Ideas 2014 Award for his initiative in founding the Humanizing Intensive Care project. At Dr Heras’ hospital the news of the award


Flexible empathy – the key to resilience?

It’s such a simple idea – but hugely useful in day to day practice. Empathy has long been recognised as a critical component of good nursing or medical practice but in talking

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International honour for Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare

Dr Robin Youngson, the Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare, has been appointed to the Global Compassion Council of the international Charter for Compassion founded by Karen Armstrong. He joins 40

Hearts In Healthcare

“TIME TO CARE” published in Dutch

On 28th November, the first foreign-language edition of ‘TIME TO CARE‘ was launched at a major conference in Rotterdam. Author, and CoFounder of Hearts in Healthcare, Robin Youngson was there to


Life of compassion down-regulates harmful genes

Not all happiness is equal. Researchers have shown that self-centred (hedonic) happiness and other-centred (eudaimonic) happiness – the joy of helping others – have opposite effects on gene expression. We have


Health professionals yearning for a compassionate workplace

86% of surveyed health professionals said they would consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace. 244 health professionals, mostly from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Spain, responded to


The ‘Happiness in Healthcare’ Project takes off

Happy Blog by Robin Youngson Five days ago I launched the ‘Happiness in Healthcare‘ Project and already we’re getting responses from around the world – it really seems to have


“Everybody needs health and happiness!” – new theme song for Hearts in Healthcare

Grateful thanks to the amazing artists, kRi and Hettie, from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, who performed this song at the first “Happiness in Healthcare” Compassionfest in Louisville, on 11th October. They have


Psychotherapy changes gene expression – new research

How does compassionate caring make a difference to patient outcomes? New research shows that our life experiences, beliefs and internal stories dynamically change our gene expression, altering health outcomes. Now,


Compassionate Leaders – a new breed?

  Most leaders are still trained to lead with their heads, not their hearts. They’re conditioned to put business before benevolence. The public profile of a good leader espoused in


“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”