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Ten practical steps towards healing consultations

Many discoveries happen by accident. A chance meeting between two physician leaders led to a unified framework for healing consultations. Phil Fischer is Professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic in


Did Hearts in Healthcare give you a helping hand?

A survey request from Robin Youngson, Hearts in Healthcare CoFounder. From time to time, we receive email messages or Facebook posts from members and supporters to let us know just how


Inspiring new book by Dr Amy Coleman

‘DISCOVERING YOUR OWN DOCTOR WITHIN‘ One of the blessings of our Hearts in Healthcare work is that we get to meet the most inspiring and loving nurses, therapists, doctors and


What if social and environmental activists are defeating their own cause?

Too often we attempt to build a better world by unconsciously using the values and assumptions that are the root cause of our societal problems! Can we learn from our



Can you imagine the terror of managing a sudden, complex and life-threatening emergency when your actions in the next few minutes determine life or death? The film ‘Sully’ gives us

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Anti-meditation: the daily habit that creates stress and ill-being

Personal opinion by Robin Youngson: It pays to listen to our bodies. Picture this: I’m doing my morning meditation and the stress starts to fall from my body. Tense muscles


How rarely do we know the healing power of our presence

Letter from a patient: “We met many months ago, you in the role of anaesthetist, me as patient… Thank you, thank you, thank you for the all-encompassing experience of being


#HelloMyNameIs Dr Kate Granger

Dr Kate Granger is famous for launching the widely successful ‘#HelloMyNameIs’ campaign in the UK’s National Health Service, encouraging doctors, nurses and all hospital staff to introduce themselves to patients. We


When will doctors be allowed to grieve?

“Five years since qualification, I have learned that if I truly felt the sadness and enormity of the things that passed through my hands, I would drown. It needs to


Which inner child will you feed?

In August I’m speaking at Tauranga TEDx 2016. It’s been a long time coming. Last year, out of 98 nominated speakers I was finally listed as speaker number 11, after four rounds

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Young doctors take heart from deeper purpose

Physician suicide is hitting the headlines at the moment, thanks in part to the outstanding efforts of Dr Pamela Wible to highlight these tragic events. More than 400 doctors end


Why Brexit is amazing! Just for a moment we saw the cracks in ‘reality’

Opinion piece by Robin Youngson, Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare. Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, foresees a time in the near future where artificial intelligence


Healthcare system is fundamentally incompatible with compassion, healing & wellbeing

Dr Robin Youngson, co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare, shares his latest insights on the long journey to creating a more humane and compassionate healthcare system.  We need a new strategy, he


Doctors don’t cry

Today I broke the rules. I held my patient’s hand and I cried with her. That’s completely ‘unprofessional’ behaviour. In fact it’s so taboo for doctors to show emotions in front

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Hearts in Healthcare takes off!

A personal message to our members from Robin Youngson, CoFounder of Hearts in Healthcare. In the last year Hearts in Healthcare has reached some major milestones: Our social networks are


Seven pitfalls for the compassion champion

As a passionate advocate for compassionate, human-centered healthcare, I’ve been campaigning internationally for ten years. For most of that time I was much less effective than I could have been.

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Prisons are not the only institutions that rob us of liberty and dignity

Grateful thanks to David Wolfe who posted the original image on Facebook, comparing schools to prisons. The addition of hospitals is our own.

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Hearts in Healthcare goes ‘mobile’

With the relaunch of the Hearts in Healthcare online community, we’re taking our network mobile with two new ‘apps’. 60% of web viewing is now done on mobile devices and, as screen

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Free new App aids patient-centered consultations

A colleague from ‘Compassion for Care’ in the Netherlands is offering a free app to Hearts in Healthcare members. The MedIntw App is a practical aid for the medical student/intern, specialist-in-training or physician who

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“ATTENTION DOCTORS: You do NOT need resiliency training!”

A thought-provoking blog from Pamela Wible, MD. Here’s the latest medical fad: Physician resiliency training. Huh? Doctors are already the most resilient people on the planet. Doctors can go days


“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”