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Stepping up: Time for new leaders in compassionate healthcare

It’s your turn to become a leader in compassionate healthcare. At Hearts in Healthcare we receive frequent requests to make presentations and to run workshops in healthcare workplaces. However,  have

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Compassion Activist – Robin Youngson – retires from role

Dr Robin Youngson, the cofounder of Hearts in Healthcare, is retiring from his fifteen-year role as an activist, speaker and leader. I have decided to retire from active involvement in

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A (draft) Healers’ Creed

Who or what is a healer? Our correspondence shows there is a wide range of beliefs. From our own insight and learnings, and the views expressed by our followers, here’s


Reclaiming our identity as healers?

Robin Youngson asks why he can’t be a doctor and a healer? “You shouldn’t use the term ‘healer’ – it has negative connotations.” The peer review of my article about


The technology solution and the healing solution

We’re at a crossroads for the future of healthcare and, indeed, for our approach to urgent issues such as climate change. Will we fall into the trap of seeking technology


Take the test: Are you kindly, compassionate or just competent?

Dr Robin Youngson, Cofounder of Hearts in Healthcare, reflects on his recent stay in hospital. There were no special privileges for this doctor-turned-patient, spending a week in a large pubic


Sent to the psychiatrist because I wanted to donate a kidney

A guest writer reflects on the inability of the health system to see the good in patients. The contributor wishes to remain anonymous. In a few weeks, I’m donating a

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How compassionate, whole-person care cured me of a life-threatening disease

Executive coach and PhD researcher, Galia Barhava-Monteith, shares the story of her personal healing journey and how she was inspired to begin a quest to find the secrets of truly

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Compassion Hero: Dr Johanne Egan

All too often, Emergency Rooms resemble a battleground, more than a place of healing. Learn how this inspiring New Zealand doctor transformed her ER into a place of joy, compassion


From mindless medicine to the new science of healing

We need a new science of healing to address the growing crisis in healthcare. Author profile: Dr Robin Youngson is a senior medical specialist working in the NZ public health


Communicating our caring purpose

When we let each patient know about our intention to care, it can elicit a powerful healing response. I’m an anesthesiologist. Many patients imagine that I calculate a dose of


What if YOU could touch the lives of ten million people?

Or twenty, or fifty million people? And do it in a way that is life-affirming, that strengthens the bonds of human connection, that spreads love and healing? Robin Youngson explores

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A treasure trove of Hearts in Healthcare articles

From time to time, we write something that really strikes a chord. Here are the all-time, top-ten, most shared articles and resources from Hearts in Healthcare. It’s a treasure trove


Five things I wish I had known as a young doctor

Dr Robin Youngson offers advice to his younger self, after more than thirty years of medical practice. When beginning my medical career, I guess there were three main things I

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A new edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ as a free gift for the world

Robin Youngson is planning a new, expanded edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’. We’re going to make this new edition a FREE GIFT to the world as a pdf e-book. To


Practising compassion in an uncompassionate health system

We are not helpless victims of the system, write Hearts in Healthcare co-founder, Robin Youngson. “We just don’t have time to care!” is the heartfelt protest of health workers in every country

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The great slide give-away!

At Hearts in Healthcare we want to recruit a thousand speakers and presenters spreading the word about compassionate healthcare, all around the world. To help you in that task, co-founder


Intentional practice

As an anesthesiologist with 30 years of practice, I didn’t think I could improve my performance in simple procedures like iv line insertion. I was wrong. I reduced my failure rate


Compassion-retention and culture change

Today I read a hope-giving article about the potential to ameliorate climate change through simple water-retention measures. Pioneering activists have transformed large areas of desert into fertile land, where the


Forgiving the System

Robin Youngson reflects he may have to forgive himself, before he can forgive the system… My daughter’s life changed the day she crashed her car and broke both her neck

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”