Crowd-funding success is not about the money!

Yes, the City of Louisville raised nearly $20,000 in just 30 days, to support the visit by Robin and Meredith Youngson of Hearts in Healthcare and to enable the city’s journey towards more compassionate healthcare. But the real significance of the crowd-funding campaign is how the process has catalysed unprecedented collaboration between a remarkable range of donors and supporters: for-profit health providers, community groups, non-profit organisations, students and families, health executives, individual doctors and nurses, insurance companies, professional associations, the Mayor’s office, hospice organisations, universities, and even the President and CEO of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement! All are committed to exploring what could be possible if compassion was the driving force behind healthcare.

For a vivid snapshot of what this means, view this 3-minute video made by the community of Louisville in anticipation of the Hearts in Healthcare visit:


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