Compassionate Leaders – a new breed?


Most leaders are still trained to lead with their heads, not their hearts. They’re conditioned to put business before benevolence. The public profile of a good leader espoused in the press, for instance, routinely includes attributes like ‘tough, decisive, hard-nosed, quick-to-judge, ultra-rational and results-driven’.



In a great article by Bill Cropper, Director of The Change Forum, he argues this is changing. Organisations are now showing interest in a more compassionate style – in leading with feelings.

Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a lot of room for compassion in most workplaces – and the shift to a more emotionally intelligent, empathetic and caring style of leadership invokes questions like: ‘What is compassion? What does it mean to be a compassionate leader? How can I inspire others to create a more caring culture? Will being more compassionate mean going soft, diluting hard decisions and watering down a solid focus on outcomes?’

He offers tips on spotting compassionate leaders. Have any in your workplace?

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