Compassion Hero – Dr Gabriel Heras

Intensive Care Specialist, Dr Gabriel Heras, has won the Best Health Ideas 2014 Award for his initiative in founding the Humanizing Intensive Care project.

At Dr Heras’ hospital the news of the award was shared by the Communication Manager, Daniel Aparicio de Santiago:

Dr. Gabriel Heras, an intensive care specialist at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón (Madrid), had a flash of inspiration: What if we are able to send and spread a message of attention focused on the human being in the heart of Medicine associated with high technology? That idea set his mind on fire and he started to get to specialists all around the world to create a web-based platform to share knowledge, experiences and to open a channel to communicate patients and their relatives to intensive care professionals.

Says Dr Heras, “Well, the IC-HU: Humanizing Intensive Care ( is our way to stop, think and take a 360º look. We are trying to offer a comprehensive view of the current situation of the ICUs to improve care for patients, families and professionals. They get to know us better, so they can understand what intensive care is all about, and we are learning from their needs and expectations, so we can offer an improved and more humanized assistance.

 After a few months, the project obtained the scientific endorsement of the Spanish Medical and Nursery Intensive Care Society ( and the word was fully spread.

 Last week Dr. Heras and his fellows received the Best Health Ideas 2014 Award in the Legal, Ethical and Deontological Iniciative from Diario Medico (

It was a complete surprise, and the nicest kind of recognition. I was so happy almost every member of the project attended the ceremony in Barcelona, cause that’s exactly how we have come so far: all together, as a team, committed to an idea. There’s nothing like a team committed to a goal. The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Hearts in Healthcare connected with Dr Heras following the release of our inspirational short film, “Every intensive care doctor and nurse should watch this 4-minute film: it will change you forever“. The video has been viewed over 40,000 time in more than 100 countries. Kathie Torpie tells her story of what it’s like to wake up as a patient on life-support and the incredible difference made by one compassionate nurse who treated her as a human being, rather than an unconscious patient.

We are so happy to find an inspiring leader for compassionate intensive care! Congratulations to Dr ‘Gabi’ Heras for his initiative and well-deserved award. Please visit Humanizing Intensive Care to find many inspiring resources.

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