Compassion is contagious – read this book to 'catch' the bug!

Turning Compassion into Action: A Movement Toward Taking Responsibility

by Olivia McIvor.

For seven years I have been campaigning to restore compassion to the heart of the relationship between health professionals and patients. I have read many books about compassion and conversed with healthcare audiences in a dozen countries. A recurring question is, “Can compassion be taught?”

In ‘Turning Compassion into Action’, Olivia McIvor went on a worldwide quest to answer this and other deep questions about compassion. The result is a profoundly moving, inspiring, and practically helpful book. Prepare to be moved to tears by the touching human stories and deep insights Olivia has collected on her long journey.

Olivia writes with compelling honesty, sharing her doubts and struggles. For each of us, setting out on our own quest to strengthen our hearts and bring compassion into our lives, Olivia is an inspiring teacher, guide and travel companion. I highly recommend this wonderful book to people in all walks of life, including those working in healthcare. I’m sure my copy will become dog-eared as I go back again and again for sources of daily inspiration.

And the answer to the question is that compassion can be ‘caught’ rather than ‘taught’. Through our own actions, we can make compassion contagious and inspire others to take this path. If you want to catch the bug, read this exceptional book.

– Dr Robin Youngson

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