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Health professionals yearning for a compassionate workplace

86% of surveyed health professionals said they would consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace. 244 health professionals, mostly from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Spain, responded to


Compassionate Leaders – a new breed?

  Most leaders are still trained to lead with their heads, not their hearts. They’re conditioned to put business before benevolence. The public profile of a good leader espoused in


Work-family conflict causing burnout? No, it’s the work environment.

Dad works full time and does lots of overtime. Mum’s a nurse, juggling shifts and childcare. Too familiar a story in modern times. But is it the dual burden that


How about showing nurses compassion?

Nurses are expected to continue providing compassionate care, but they are forced to work under extremely stressful conditions and are constantly under-resourced – Jenni Middleton, Editor, Nursing Times.  We’ve always


Bless this hospital.

The opening of the new Waitakere Hospital was the culmination of five years of planning, design, construction, and commissioning. But one final task remained before the new building could be


Fit enough to care?

Why does a health service have so many sick employees? The evidence is overwhelming that healthcare providers that nourish, love and care for their staff achieve better clinical outcomes, more


“Code Lavender”: Call the emotional support team!

Here’s a great article and video in the Huffington Post about a hospital that give a high priority to emotional support for health professionals: Hospitals have procedures and alerts in place


A great gift to the world of healthcare

Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare. Natalie May and colleagues. As an engineer, turned physician, I was well-versed in problem solving and risk identification. After all, when Edward de Bono wrote “Six


Hearts in Healthcare partners with 'Charter for Compassion'

Hearts in Healthcare and the Charter for Compassion are working together to rehumanize healthcare. We are encouraging healthcare institutions – such as hospital networks – to become partners to the


How targets miss compassion

Much is written about the threat-based management culture within England’s National Health Service (NHS) where competition on targets may be driving out the humanistic aspects of caring and compassion. How

Opinion | Workplace

Winning the war?

Opinion by Robin Youngson. “Winning the war on cancer!” “Winning the war on infections!” “Winning the war on drugs!” These are common rallying calls but perhaps we should be more

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