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Self Care

Anti-meditation: the daily habit that creates stress and ill-being

Personal opinion by Robin Youngson: It pays to listen to our bodies. Picture this: I’m doing my morning meditation and the stress starts to fall from my body. Tense muscles

Self Care

Young doctors take heart from deeper purpose

Physician suicide is hitting the headlines at the moment, thanks in part to the outstanding efforts of Dr Pamela Wible to highlight these tragic events. More than 400 doctors end

Self Care

“ATTENTION DOCTORS: You do NOT need resiliency training!”

A thought-provoking blog from Pamela Wible, MD. Here’s the latest medical fad: Physician resiliency training. Huh? Doctors are already the most resilient people on the planet. Doctors can go days

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New ‘Compassionate Resilience’ workshop offered in Australia and NZ

Feeling overwhelmed, losing the joy in your work, stressed out, heading for burnout? This workshop is for you. We invite you to attend a day of renewal, reconnection and healing.

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Resilient Practice.

In our travels in the USA, Hearts in Healthcare met inspiring healthcare leaders from the University of Virginia, including Dorrie K. Fontaine, the Dean of the School of Nursing. Here

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The feeling that I have to fix something for them, I don’t have that feeling anymore

Dr Anju Yogakumar is a member of Hearts in Healthcare, the international movement to rehumanise healthcare and to strengthen compassion and caring.

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Help me doctor, I'm having these episodes of compassion…

Cartoon by Leunig

Self Care

How to teach mindfulness, compassionate mind, and psychological flexibility in four hours

This awesome, eight-week programme was taught to busy health professionals in eight weekly 30-minute sessions. We really admired the “one-minute concepts” – such as the ‘attention-distraction-mindfulness’ graph of being distracted

Self Care

Self-compassion is a more secure foundation than self-esteem

In the Western world we’re obsessed with self-esteem. And as a medical specialist who  trained fourteen years to year the pinnacle of my clinical career – a senior staff anesthesiologist

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”