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Brain Science

Stress impairs empathy in men but does the opposite for women.

A colleague working in medical education showed me a fascinating graph – his observations about the trend in ‘interpersonal competence’ over time as medical students went through undergraduate training and

Brain Science

Touching someone can change their mind

Here’s a fascinating study showing the importance of touch in building affiliation, and the interaction between human touch and the role of oxytocin. As we know, touch is a hugely

Brain Science

Brain can be trained in compassion

Can compassion be taught? Are some people just naturally gifted with empathy and compassion? What about those who struggle to make the human connection? Are there training programs that can

Brain Science

The neuroscience of why gratitude makes us healthier

When empathetic health professionals witness the suffering of a patient, they too feel pain. Compassion calls us to tolerate our own distress and to remain fully present to the patient.

Brain Science

8 hours meditation changes your gene expression

Most people believe that their genetic inheritance is a ‘blueprint’ that determines their lifetime risk of pathologies like coronary artery disease and breast cancer. Commercial companies are cashing in on

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”