Can we crowdfund a strategy for compassionate healthcare?

We thought compassion would flourish in healthcare when a growing number of organisations made a commitment to that human value, including health care providers, medical schools, insurers, regulators and professional associations. While we began to build a movement among networks of individual health workers, the organisational setting was the focus of our strategy.

But maybe we were wrong?

Our most promising project  to date is an ambitious attempt to rehumanise healthcare (and education) across an entire city. Maybe community is the more natural frame for our work?

In Louisville, Kentucky, in the USA, we’re using the setting of a compassionate city to catalyse a diverse coalition of organisations committed to compassionate healthcare: we have senior leadership support from competing health providers, insurance companies, non-profit groups, community and professional associations, universities, and even the Mayor’s office.

And to fund the work we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. While the major organisations will help fund our work, their donations are in support of the community-led project, not payment of a consulting fee.

To learn more about this innovative approach, view the video on our Indiegogo campaign page or read this blog: “Compassion cannot flourish when healthcare is a commodity

And if you think this idea could work, please consider donating to our time-limited crowdfunding campaign. In thirty days we’ll know if our strategy has wings!

2 Responses to “Can we crowdfund a strategy for compassionate healthcare?”

  1. Inspiring…awesome…wishing you every success

  2. Robin says:

    The answer is YES!

    We surpassed our target for fund-raising and witnessed an unprecedented level of shared commitment from a very wide range of stakeholder organisations, many of whom are often stuck in ‘competitive’ mode.

    We’re traveling to the USA in early April and we’ll be reporting regularly on the progress of this ambitious project.

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