This book could literally transform the world of healthcare – read it now!

See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Their Families

Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout. 

If you have a family member or friend who works in healthcare, the gift of this book could change their life.

Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout have crafted the most beautiful, inspiring, practical and convincing book on the nature of the therapeutic relationship I have ever read.

As a physician, it took me twenty-five years to learn how the quality of my presence can either create a healing relationship – with a power greater than most of the medicines we use – or one that wounds. My personal journey of learning was difficult and painful. Most of the things that made me a good doctor, I learned outside of medicine. Yet in this wonderful book I find distilled the personal practices, insights, wisdom and love that I wished I could have known much earlier in my career.

Studying this book will not only transform the care of your patients but it will help you reconnect to the heart of your practice, protect you from burnout, and give renewed joy and fulfillment to your work. I can’t recommend this book enough. If I had my wish, every single person in healthcare would have to read this book.

– Dr Robin Youngson

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