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Working together we can reshape the healthcare system


The Hearts in Healthcare Members’ Community can support you to live the values of human-centred healthcare. Meet like-minded colleagues, access resources (including our foundational ‘Reawakening Purpose‘ workshop), find out about special events, and have a voice in shaping the movement itself. We consult with our members regularly and try to be really honest and transparent about our efforts and struggles to change the world.

group hugThe culture of our Members’ Community is one of trust and shared understanding. We host a private social network on a secure part of our website. It’s a confidential online space for the heart of our community to come together in mutual support. (To be honest, we’re wondering if this space adds much value to our members – it’s not been much used but it does offer a very secure, private and ad-free space for groups to share their work and/or support each other.)

When you join the Members’ Community, you’ll be asked to tell us about yourself so we can introduce you to the other members.

In May 2016 we launched a private Facebook Group, ‘Compassionate Healthcare Incubator‘ and that’s a very active group expanding rapidly.

If you simply want to join the mailing list for our Newsletter, click here.

Why we ask you for a financial contribution?

Robin and Meredith Youngson own and run Hearts in Healthcare as a loss-making organization, subsidised by our personal income. We continue to fund this website, our members’ online community, and all the infrastructure that supports our international movement. We work hard to add new features and to develop new resources, such as workshops and short films.  We offer our time free to small groups but receive funds through book sales, lecture fees, consulting work, and member donations.

We have moved into the ‘gift economy’ where we no longer quote fees for speaking or consulting. We promise to serve an organisation as best we can, for our expenses to be paid, and then invite a donation in support of our work. We find that generosity begets generosity.

As a measure of your commitment to this movement, we ask that you consider a financial contribution according to your means. There is no suggested subscription, you can pay as much or as little as you like. If it’s not the right time for you to make a donation, we’ll give you free membership. We don’t want money to be a barrier.

To learn more about Robin and Meredith and the background to Hearts in Healthcare, see Our Story.

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Why People Join
  • “I’m a first year medical student, concerned about my future in practice. I want to be able to practice medicine in the true spirit of healing and professionalism. Seeking support from Hearts in Healthcare and being a part of this community will help foster and strengthen my values to observe, assess, and practice with care.”

    - Hbeld, Medical Student, Canada

  • “A smile from a patient who has relaxed in my presence is the gift in nursing for me. A community like HEARTS in HEALTHCARE will keep me focused on the truth that there are so many caring hearts out there.”

    - Damien, Nurse, Australia

  • “I was absolutely thrilled to discover this movement – transforming healthcare actually looks possible now!  I would love to add my name and commitment to this brilliant vision of healthcare.”

    - Janine, Clinical Manager, UK

  • “More than ever, I am committed to compassionate health care. Hearts in Healthcare provides a network of caring individuals to emulate, inspire and passionately support, as together we muddle through a health care system in crisis.”

    - Paula, Nurse, New Zealand

  • “I want to be a part of Hearts in Healthcare, because it will bring together a family of like minded people, a sense of unity rather than lone voices. I believe that compassion is fundamental in providing care. I love the idea of this network, a global network – how exciting.”

    - Rachel, Nurse, Wales

  • “Putting compassion and love into the care of patients is very important and something I and many herbalists and naturopaths work hard to do. To see it blossom in orthodox medicine would improve the practice of medicine dramatically. I want to be a part of that!”

    - Ruth, Naturopath, Australia

  • “I’m excited about the existence of this organization and look forward to interacting with and learning from likeminded people around the world.”

    - Susan, Hospice Volunteer, USA

  • “Hi I am a GP and involved in Junior Doctor education. I was so privileged to hear Robin speak at a recent conference. I found myself sitting there and thinking, ‘At last someone has verbalised why I wanted to be a doctor and legitimised the importance of caring’.”

    - Debbie, Doctor, Australia

  • “I was blown away by Robin’s introduction video, it touched my heart in so many ways, and I so resonate with the ethos of chaining the culture of the health services with each person being able to make a difference, rather than ‘blaming’ everyone else for the challenges.”

    - Sandra, Nurse & Midwife, UK

  • “It is so inspiring to see this happening and I want to do all I can to support it.”

    - Amy, Nurse, Australia

  • “It is exciting to have exposure to such simple ideas and principles which can transform the hospital’s frequently toxic environment into one of rediscovering heart and compassion to improve the lives of my colleagues, the patients and the wider community!”

    - Claire, Doctor, Australia

  • “I would like to be a member of Hearts in Healthcare to share some of my successes, to learn from the community and to gain support in what can sometimes feel like a lonely place when the emphasis is on cutting costs and the well being of the patient has been forgotten.”

    - Bel, Occupational Therapist, UK

  • “I have just watched the intro video to Hearts in Healthcare and will distribute this widely to the medical students, junior and senior doctors- what a powerful message to engage the young and re-invigorate the older in our profession.”

    - Paul, Medical Specialist, Australia

  • “My own heart’s desire is to be an instrument of safety, understanding, and renewal for my colleagues – to offer something that matters, and assist in diminishing the perceived suffering, of all physicians. I applaud your organization, and would be honored to be a part of your community.”

    - Carla, Doctor, USA

  • “I am grateful to people like Robin Youngson and his incredible leadership in the area of compassionate communication. I sense a sea-change, a tidal wave of caring professionals dedicated to make change happen. I want to be a part of that change.”

    - Siobhan, Occupational Therapist, UK

  • “Your group, your goals and aspirations are what I want for people, not just my patients”

    - Christabelle, Doctor, Australia

  • “I’ve worked in the Social Work field for many years. Hearts in Healthcare resonates with my passion for reclaiming caring as the core of professional practice.”

    - Dave, Social Worker, NZ

  • “I am really interested in joining this group of likeminded people so that we can find new ways of spreading the message of compassion and self compassion, and learn from each other and share experiences.”

    - Claire, Nurse Specialist, UK

  • “I’ve always known that empathy is key in healthcare and when a friend in New Zealand sent me a link for one of Robin’s YouTube videos, I was completely hooked. I bought ‘Time to Care’ the same evening and read it in one sitting.”

    - Claire, Occupational Therapist, UK

  • “As a future doctor I hope not to get sucked into daily work life and still have time to fight for our wishes and hopes. I would like to be part of a network that helps me to continue my work and helps me to stay motivated and get some questions answered that may arise on my journey.”

    - Fredericke, Medical Student, Germany

“When all members of an organization are motivated to understand and value the most favourable features of its culture, it can make rapid improvements.”