An International People’s Summit on ‘The Science of Healing’

It’s time to democratise science.

Don’t we all ache for a healthcare system that treats us as human beings, not just a list of problems? A system that helps us to heal, instead of lifelong dependence on drugs and technology.

Don’t we all long for a healthy food system that nourishes us and keeps us healthy, while also taking care of our environment?

Don’t we all dream of living in real community, filled with love and abundance?

Science tells us that all these things are possible. Better yet, they are all cheaper than existing approaches and they address many of the urgent problems in the world, including climate change. But nothing ever changes.

When we go to the doctor with depression, or anxiety, or high blood pressure, or diabetes or heartburn, does she put us on a program of exercise, social connection, healthy food and time in nature? No, she writes a script for multiple drugs, leading to lifelong dependence, side effects, and ever more expensive treatments.

When the crop yields fall, owing to degradation and poisoning of the ecosystems, do we work to restore the natural ecology and health of the land? No, we put ever more chemicals on the land in a spiral of increasing damage and dependency.

In our anxiety, stress and insecurity are we helped to connect to kindness, generosity and abundance – the real builders of happiness and community? No, our lives are ruled by economic systems and technology companies that manipulate our emotional lives, and bombard us with advertisements for products that promise to make us happy.

Why does nothing change, despite evidence of better alternatives?

In truth, the profit-driven corporations have seized control of science – medical science, agricultural science and consumer science.

For more than fifty years, pharmaceutical and technology companies have funded almost all medical research, medical schools, medical training, medical journals, medical text books and key opinion leaders. This is promulgating a science of technology that keeps people in endless dependence, that maximizes profits. Technology that often harms, not heals.

Government health policy is based on evidence derived from the science of profit: a materialistic science that reduces humans to machines and treats pathologies not people.

There is almost no funding for research into cheap therapies, no funding for research into how people and ecosystem can heal themselves – indeed these approaches are dismissed as ‘non-scientific’ and not ‘evidence-based’ because this science is suppressed to ensure the profit of the corporations. The corporations are not bad or evil, they are merely fulfilling their obligation to shareholders within the rules of our economic system.

Yet there is clear evidence of the capacity for self-healing: chronic diseases can be halted, reversed or cured. Mental distress and illness can be relieved by therapies that rapidly treat the underlying emotional trauma. Most diseases, including cancer, can be prevented. For more on the science, read here. None of these approaches will ever be researched or developed by a profit-driven system.

The same is true of our food system and agriculture, true of our approach to building healthy and happy communities, or a justice system that heals rather than harms, or an education system that create citizens not employees.

It’s time to seize back science. We need a science for the people, not a science for the shareholders. We have a speculative plan (please help us make it better):

1. Choose a place

A small, forward-looking country with a progressive government and a young leader. A country that recognises in law the rights of indigenous people, the first country in the world to grant legal personhood to a river.

2. Gather together the wisdom holders

Assemble twenty of the world’s foremost researchers and pioneers in human healing, ecological healing and community healing – together with indigenous leaders – for an international People’s Summit on ‘The Science of Healing’.

3. Find the best participants.

Seek worldwide nominations for the thousand most inspiring researchers, pioneers and indigenous leaders. They become the participants in the global summit.

4. Create a participative research democracy

We crowdfund the international summit. Every donor gets a vote to help shape the agenda of the summit and to make decisions on outcomes. One crowdfund is for the event itself, all the costs of inviting keynote speakers, the venue, and all the workings of the summit including live streaming and free sharing of all resources.

We create an individual crowdfund campaign for each of the thousand participants. We ask communities to raise $10,000 for each nominated participant plus all their expenses. If there are communities with little money, then those communities get far more votes because there are multiple small donations rather than a few big ones. We will have a hundred scholarships for those who demonstrate support but can’t raise enough money.

The resulting $10million fund will be the start of our research fund. Research priorities are generated by the wisdom of the summit and voted on by the worldwide constituency. Of course, crowdfunding has no limit. People don’t have to stop fundraising at $10,000. Ten million dollars might become twenty million, or more. More money, more votes. Imagine a million participants.

5. Invite the policymakers

We are going to speak truth to power.

6. Share the results

We live-stream the summit, we make a feature length documentary, we publish all the deliberations in the Creative Commons. All funded science must be open-access.

This is not alternative science. This is rigorous, peer-reviewed, reproducible science for the people. A science of living systems, a science that heals not harms. When policy makers and governments begin to see the potential of this science, and the huge community of support – then we’ll see the shift in policy and priorities.

If we need to create new research institutions, we will do that. If we need to fund innovative programs in communities, we will do that.

The work has already begun. We have significant funding and support already secured. We are gathering the partnerships, the leaders, the creatives, the technology experts. Now we need the best ideas and a worldwide movement for People’s Science.

When? March 2020

Where? Waikato, New Zealand

Who? The ‘Science of Healing’ charitable trust (being established right now)

Want to be involved, make these speculative ideas even better?

Email the founder, Dr Robin Youngson at

10 Responses to “An International People’s Summit on ‘The Science of Healing’”

  1. Paul Seifert says:

    Dear Robin, you speak my heart! Yes lets create an real healthcare system, one that fokuses healing and happiness. I am in! Want to be part of the movement and the summit. Blessings Paul

  2. annie prince says:

    Hi Robin,
    I so admire your work. Rhiannon Lewis of Essential Oil Resource Consultants, Provence does amazing work teaching health professionals how to incorporate the use of essential oils into oncology and palliative care. She has taught at the Marsden Hospital and worldwide for many years and was a nurse herself.She edits the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy and is the organiser of the Botanica conferences held biennially. I have just returned from the 2018 one held at Sussex University and can vouch forits high standard. I have studied with her on many occasions and believe unreservedly that she would be an amazing speaker. She is extremely knowledgeable not only about the chemistry of the oils but their energetic and spiritual effects and has a deep connection to the natural world living high in the mountains of Provence.Plus she is one of the most delightful, humble people I have met gifted at bringing people together to work in harmony.One of the simplest, most effective ways to bring compassion into healthcare is with authentic aromatherapy [ the power of olfaction physiologically and emotionally] and therapeutic touch.With kind regards Annie Prince

  3. Dear Robin, I am so glad to read such great news from New Zealand! I have invited our German speaking Network of Compassionate Healers and hope that there will be some enthusiastic people helping you! Big hugs from Switzerland, Julia

  4. Oxana says:

    Dear Robin, I am so excited to read your words and would love to help in any way. Hugs and Love, Oxana

  5. Melissa Rowthorn says:

    So true Robin, a vision worth committing to, together we can create it. Count me in however I can help.

    Kind regards,


  6. Thank you. Great idea! I’m excited and would love to lend my help. Joyce

  7. trudy keating says:

    Every single thing written above is true. A great idea and so exciting.
    If I can be of any help don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Please keep me informed.
    Trudy Keating

  8. Britta Noske says:

    This is an ambitious undertaking, but very exciting. Let me know if I can be of help. Britta Noske

  9. As always I love following your work.
    Have I introduced you to Dr David Martin.
    He appeared in the documentary Future Dreaming,

    He and I have begun an intense scrutiny around grief and its healing.

    Please keep me in the loop


  10. U L I Sappok says:

    This is a great idea!!
    Robin: Since years i think the same: that profit rules everything and damage us and this unique planet.
    I want to be involved.
    From the other side of the planet but near connected: U L I Sappok

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