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A new edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ as a free gift for the world

  • Robin Youngson is planning a new, expanded edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’.
  • We’re going to make this new edition a FREE GIFT to the world as a pdf e-book.
  • To fund this gift, we will create a crowd-funding campaign to meet the costs of creating the new edition.
  • The new edition will be translated into at least ten languages by the end of 2018 and each edition given away as a free gift.
  • At the same time we will create paperback editions for purchase.
  • All the updated material will also be published as a small Companion Volume to the First Edition, in honour of the translations already done.

It’s five years since ‘TIME TO CARE’ was first published. In that time, there have been dramatic advances in the scientific research about the nature of compassion. Also, during our visits to many countries, we have gathered inspiring stories and new insights from our work with thousands of health professionals. A new edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ will be greatly expanded to include all the new material.

Our Hearts in Healthcare work has spread far and wide and the first edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ is already translated into Dutch, German and Hungarian. Robin’s book has helped many thousands of health professionals reconnect to the heart of their practice and to find renewed joy and satisfaction, at a time when many health workers are burning out. ‘TIME TO CARE’ is also sparking movements for more humane and compassionate healthcare within institutions, cities and even nations. The impact of this one book has been far greater than we could ever have imagined!

Moving our work into the gift economy

Robin’s book launched the Hearts in Healthcare movement in 2012 and over the last five years we have tried many strategies for growing the movement. The most critical factor in our recent success is aligning the way we do our work with the values of compassion and generosity we are trying to promote.

Thus we have taken much of our work out of transactional business relationships and into the ‘gift economy’ where we offer our time and resources in service to the cause, without quoting a fee for speaking or consulting. We instead ask each group or organisation to consider making a donation to support our future work. Great generosity from some organisations allows us to offer our time free to many other groups. We also give away all of our presentation slides and other materials, encouraging others to adapt and use them.

It feels right to offer the new edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ within the gift economy and to share it as widely as possible.

Proposal for a new edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’

Our plan is to offer the new, revised edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ as a gift to the world in the form of a free pdf e-book. At the same time, we will publish a paperback edition through Amazon (and other online distributors) for those that want to purchase a physical copy.

To honour the efforts of those who already translated and published the first edition in different languages, Robin will create a small companion book with all the updated references and other new material, which can be read in conjunction with the first edition.

Our plan is to offer ‘TIME TO CARE’ to as many people around the world as we can, offering translations into at least ten languages, each edition offered as a free pdf e-book and also as a paperback.

Crowd-funding the new edition

To enable us to do the extensive work required for a new edition, and also pay for publications costs such as typesetting, page layout and book design, we propose to launch a crowd-funding campaign. Donors will know that their contribution will help to spread ‘TIME TO CARE’ around the world and expand our movement for humane and compassionate care.

The book can be a compassionate gift to the many millions of health workers already suffering from burnout. We have received many touching letters from health professionals and students saying they were in despair and ready to quit their profession but found renewed purpose and joy in their work after reading ‘TIME TO CARE’.

Foreign language editions

We invite expressions of interest from Hearts in Healthcare supporters in different countries to be sponsors for an edition of ‘TIME TO CARE’ in their own language. These sponsors will help us find suitable translators and book designers (who will be paid for their work) and also help us organize crowd-funding campaigns for each foreign language edition.

What did ‘TIME TO CARE’ mean to you?

To help this bold strategy succeed, we’d love to hear from people who found inspiration and help in ‘TIME TO CARE’. Your authentic stories will help us raise the funds we need to make ‘TIME TO CARE’ available to millions of health professionals.

We have created a new, secure ‘TIME TO CARE 2’ Facebook group and invite your comments, stories and discussion in that space. Please join us!

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