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TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job

This is the book that launched the Hearts in Healthcare movement.

In today’s beleaguered healthcare system, burdened with epidemic levels of stress, depression and burnout, TIME to CARE  offers health professionals the opportunity of renewal. Here are the secrets to building a happy and fulfilling practice, wellbeing and resilience.

Read more about it and purchase TIME TO CARE now (available as paperback, pdf and Kindle editions).

The great slide give-away!

Hearts in Healthcare co-founder Dr Robin Youngson is giving away his entire slide collection!

The great slide giveaway annotatedAt Hearts in Healthcare we want to recruit a thousand speakers and presenters spreading the word about compassionate healthcare, all around the world.

To help you in that task, Robin is giving away his entire slide collection for you to use in your own presentation! Add your own title and logo, choose slides from the huge collection, feature your own stories and images, and inspire the audience with your own knowledge, insight and compassion.

This is an amazing treasure trove. The slide collection represents ten years of researching the scientific evidence, collecting inspiring stories and knowledge from health professionals in fifteen countries, sourcing hundreds of beautiful images and putting it all together for a compelling presentation. Every slide has extensive notes and the scientific references for an evidence-based presentation.

Follow this link to view the slide catalogues, download slides, and view a short video in which Robin shares advice about creating your own compelling slides and engaging powerfully with your audience.

The Ladder of Caring


Feel free to copy this jpg image and share it. If you would like a pdf version of this image, click the download link below.


Info-graphic: Top ten scientific reasons why compassion is great medicine

Download the Compassion Infographic here


Download the Compassion infographic here and feel free to share this resource on all your networks.

Free app for patient-centered consultation

A colleague from ‘Compassion for Care’ in the Netherlands is offering a free app to Hearts in Healthcare members.

The MedIntw App is a practical aid for the medical student/intern, specialist-in-training or physician who wants to prepare for a medical interview in less than 15 seconds (in the interview room so to speak). These interview skills are – as much as possible – patient-centered.

You can download the free app for iPhone or Android.

Robin Youngson’s presentation to the Clinical Excellence Commission

Robin Youngson made a presentation “The critical importance of compassion in healthcare” at the Clinical Excellence Commission in Sydney to an audience of senior health leaders from the state of New South Wales. You can watch the presentation on YouTube here and download the PowerPoint file by clicking on the link below ( warning – large file – 16.8MB)

CEC presentation

Robin Youngson’s presentation to College of Homeopaths

In this presentation, Robin explores the healing power of stories. Much of chronic disease is caused by emotional suffering. When we are helped to re-write our life stories, we can transcend suffering and either prevent or reverse many illnesses. As health professionals, our deep empathy, compassion and a belief in the healing capacity of our patients are the precious gifts we bring to care.

You can download the PowerPoint slides by clicking on the link below. Be aware this is a large file size (28MB) because of the many beautiful images in the presentation!

Homeopaths Youngson keynote

How to coach for compassion in 60 seconds

If you’d like to download a (free) copy of the film or order some of the cards mentioned in this video, please go to our online store


Why we need to rehumanise healthcare

An inspirational short film

"Do you see me?"


Strategies for whole-system change in healthcare


How health professionals can transform themselves


Why compassionate care is better for patients and for health professionals - the evidence

Short film

Hearts in Healthcare - an inspirational movement to rehumanise healthcare

“Compassionate healthcare is safer, more effective, satisfies patients, saves time, reduces demand, gives meaning to work and costs less.”

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