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Forgiving the System

Robin Youngson reflects he may have to forgive himself, before he can forgive the system… My daughter’s life changed the day she crashed her car and broke both her neck

Brexit ripped reality


Why Brexit is amazing! Just for a moment we saw the cracks in ‘reality’

Opinion piece by Robin Youngson, Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare. Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, foresees a time in the near future where artificial intelligence



Healthcare system is fundamentally incompatible with compassion, healing & wellbeing

Dr Robin Youngson, co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare, shares his latest insights on the long journey to creating a more humane and compassionate healthcare system.  We need a new strategy, he


Hearts In Healthcare | Opinion

Compassion cannot flourish when healthcare is a commodity

Opinion by Robin Youngson Why is technology the dominant force in healthcare and not human caring? Why is it so difficult to create a humane and compassionate workplace? Why do we



Humiliation, humbleness and compassion

A personal story from Robin Youngson As a physician I have always been proud of my excellent health. With my 60th birthday looming, I was perfectly fit, strong and healthy. No

BMJ Reject


Rejected by the BMJ: An essay on “How to up-regulate compassion in healthcare”.

There is no such thing as a compassionate healthcare system separate from the compassion of individuals; when each one of us chooses compassion then healthcare will be transformed: we are



Cynical about compassion.

Roy Lilley, in his  25th March newsletter at wrote, “I’ve been thinking about it.  Ruminating, cogitating and turning it over in my mind.  I’m not sure I should be saying this

BBC News Compassion


A Point of View: How important is compassion in healthcare?

Opinion by Robin Youngson. This interesting viewpoint from Tom Shakespeare, writing in the BBC News Magazine, asks whether a focus on compassion is costing us attention to other, more important


Strategies for whole-system change in healthcare?



'Generation Y' self-centered and materialistic, or searching for meaning?

Opinion by Robin Youngson. Generation Y, the so-called “millennial generation” born since 1980, are now the young nurses, doctors and therapists entering healthcare. One theory accounting for the decline in

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